Take control of your cybersecurity risk with the resource you already have today. 


CyRisk Director delivers holistic cybersecurity protection of your organization, extending from your customers, through your organization and across your supply chain. Identifying vulnerabilities in your attack surface is no longer sufficient since supply chain attacks have become so commonplace. CyRisk Director also makes it easy to build trust with your customers, providing security assurance that starts all the way up the chain with your customers’ security and compliance requirements, since your organization is part of your customers’ supply chain as well.

CyRisk Director is designed to make it easy for organizations of all sizes to stay ahead of cyber risks with the resources you already have. CyRisk Director generates comprehensive risk analysis of both your internal and external environments. This provides the foundation you need to stay safe without requiring a team of security analysts.

Empowering Risk Management

Empowering Risk Management

CyRisk Director lets you assess your organization's security posture by identifying the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure as well as your vendors', and advising you how to secure these vulnerabilities, all with the support form live, U.S.-based security experts.
Empowering Risk Management
Defensive Security Monitoring

Discover and protect your digital assets with intelligent, automated, continuous security monitoring. Capture trends and get alerts when unexpected changes occur.

Supply Chain Security

Quickly identify vendors that pose a security risk to
your organization, or that don’t meet your security and compliance requirements. Generate alerts when vendors move out of compliance and track their progress to ensure compliance.

Customer Trust & Assurance

CyRisk makes it easy to provide proof to your customers that you’ve got a reliable security program with end-to- end protection. Save time answering customer security questionnaires and assessments. Automatically track all your customers’ requirements against your controls and your vendors’. 

Ready for Business

Our customer success team is staffed with U.S.-based security and privacy professionals who are ready to help with on-boarding, training and ongoing advisory support. We’re ready to answer your questions and help you achieve the level of security your customers expect.

Defensive Security Monitoring

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