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Privacy Settlements Surge Beyond Data Breaches 3 years running

The top 10 privacy settlements exceeded $1.3B in 2023, far surpassing data breach settlements as they also did in 2022, and privacy settlements in 2024 have already eclipsed the 2023 record.

To date, insurance carriers’ ability to underwrite their policyholders' privacy exposure has been limited at best.

CyRisk's privacy risk insights, utilizing cutting-edge AI tailored specifically for cyber insurance underwriting, offers both underwriters and policyholders privacy risk analysis along with detailed analysis of compliance gaps and remedies.

Understanding the Privacy and Data Protection Risk Landscape

Legislative and Regulatory Clampdown: A significant uptick in state privacy legislation and aggressive FTC enforcement actions, including substantial fines and settlements, directly lead to claims and losses.

Heightened Legal Risks: The increasing frequency and success rate of class action lawsuits under privacy laws have already eclipsed the 2023 record as of Q1 2024.

data privacy landscape

Privacy Liability Coverage

Cyber insurance policies have traditionally addressed data breaches, but the innovative tactics employed by the plaintiffs' bar have triggered coverage for privacy claims due to modern digital tracking technologies such as tracking pixels, biometric workforce management systems, geolocation and many others.

biometric workforce management

Technology and Privacy Mitigating Control Analysis

Thorough evaluations of Privacy Mitigating Controls, which include in-depth analyses of privacy policies, browser privacy signals, and consent managers that adhere to regulatory requirements.

mitigating privacy controls

Privacy Risk Assessment Made Accessible

privacy risk analysis

Key Features and Benefits

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  • Innovative Risk Assessment
    CyRisk Privacy Risk Insights Platform offers advanced evaluation of privacy risk exposures, particularly in the context of today's challenging digital landscape.
    Identify collection of multiple sensitive data types, including biometric data, geolocation data that lead to heightened risk.
    Comprehensive analysis of prospects’ use of web marketing and advertising technologies.
    Focus not just on exposures, but on residual risk so you don’t need to slow down insurance transactions unnecessarily.
  • Enhanced Underwriting Support
    Save underwriters time with fast and thorough privacy risk analyses.
    Seamless integration with underwriting workflows.
    Intuitive reports for brokers and policyholders, enhancing the underwriting process with data-driven insights.
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Integration
    Detailed assessment of over 1,000 privacy signals that have led to lawsuits, regulatory actions and privacy breaches including biometric data collection, tracking pixels, tracking APIs,, key loggers, and more.
    Emphasis on the effectiveness of mitigating controls related to privacy technologies.
    AI-based policy analysis identifying mitigating controls, transparency, disclosures and legal liability.

“I'm blown away by the depth of CyRisk's solution. Exceeded expectations”


Executive Vice President, Underwriter


Simplify Cyber Risk
With The CyRisk Solutions

  • CyRisk Insight Engine

    Fast. Simple. Accurate
    On-demand security risk assessments, analysis, and reports for insurers and brokers. Discover the most important gaps and critical vulnerabilities existing within an organization before insurance policy placement.

  • CyRisk Director

    Empower Proactive Risk Management
    Gain full visibility and insight into potential attack surface weaknesses, internal assets, and compliance shortcomings.

  • CyRisk Ransomware Detection

    Proactively Identify Exposure to Ransomware
    Portfolio monitoring at its best. Through ransomware exposure detector technology, Insurers worry less about potential at-risk clients being compromised.

  • CyRisk Zero Day Exposure Detection

    A Step Ahead of Threat Actors
    Deploy a rapid response team that halts potential losses and data exposure before cybercriminals can capitalize. With a Zero-day exposure detector, you’ll identify critical exposures as soon as they are discovered.

  • CyRisk vCISO

    Bridge the Risk Gaps with vCISO
    Virtual CISO (vCISO) services help executives, security and IT teams design, implement and maintain sustainable security and compliance programs that protect your organization’s information assets while supporting overall business operations.

  • CyRisk Privacy Risk Detection 

    Identify Potential Privacy Risks with PRD
    Assess in real-time the use of web tracking technologies used within an organization to determine potential privacy exposures. 



Expertise in Cybersecurity and Compliance

Leveraging years of experience in
cyber risk analysis and compliance
consulting to provide robust cyber and privacy risk management solutions.

Innovative and
Proactive Approach

Utilizing advanced tools for
real-time risk assessment and
continuous monitoring.


Helping insurers maintain their
position as trusted partners
with differentiated and valueadding offerings.

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