Insight Engine

The cyber risk analytics platform based on the facts that matter.

Cyber risk assessment without the jargon.

CyRisk’s Insight Engine is the Cyber Risk Analytics platform designed to support decisionmakers. Underwriters, brokers, reinsurers, risk managers, IT and security professionals use CyRisk to streamline the process of risk identification and assessment, insurance placement, risk selection and portfolio optimization.

CyRisk Insight Engine provides fast, easy, and accurate cyber risk assessments of organizations by combining up-to-date cyber telemetry data, threat intelligence, multiple data sources, and current attack scenario analysis. The insights provided enable insurance carriers, brokers and risk managers to assess, benchmark and continuously monitor the cyber risk of their prospects and their current portfolio.

Fast. Simple. Accurate.

Fast. Simple. Accurate.

CyRisk InsightEngine is designed to enable anyone to quickly assess and monitor the cyber risk of their current and prospective insureds, clients, portfolio companies or M&A targets. InsightEngine incorporates current data from multiple sources into its analysis, including internal controls and external attack surface analysis, as well as supply chain analysis, threat intelligence, attack scenarios, peer data analysis and historical security incident data. The result is a robust picture of an organization’s cyber security risk, along with prioritized recommendations to help reduce that risk to an acceptable level.

We're not here to replace you.

We provide data and analysis to support your business processes. Decision-makers are getting inundated with information that’s inaccurate, stale, overly complicated and frequently irrelevant. It slows things down without actually reducing cyber risk.

Yes, we are cyber risk experts and yes, we know what we’re doing, which is why we focus on getting our clients the facts that matter. And we deliver them quickly and in plain English, so you can make informed decisions without slowing down your business processes with irrelevant noise.

So, no, we’re not here to replace anyone, except maybe that cyber risk engineer you thought you needed to hire…


Building on decades of experience in IT, cyber security, risk management and insurance, the CyRisk team has developed a purpose-built, cyber risk analytics platform that enables cyber insurance carriers, brokers, reinsurers and risk managers to make sound, insight-driven cyber risk decisions.

Designed to give insurance teams a competitive edge, CyRisk InsightEngine provides the rapid analysis required to make fact-based decisions:

  • Informed underwriting
  • Accurate pricing
  • More profitable risk selection
  • Insurance renewal preparation
  • Exposure analysis and coverage recommendations
  • New applicant preparation 

CyRisk InsightEngine generates a simple cyber risk rating and peer ranking. The jargon-free report is designed to communicate key information to non-technical business people. Additional technical information is also available for the IT and Security teams.

Brokers use CyRisk InsightEngine to identify digital assets and important exposures, demonstrate the value of cyber insurance with specific coverage recommendations for prospective insureds. Brokers also use CyRisk InsightEngine to prepare current policy holders for renewal. InsightEngine quickly generates custom branded cyber risk analysis reports that help demonstrating your value as risk management partners.

Insight engine

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