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Cyber Risk Management Should Be Strategic
— Not a Guessing Game

Improve risk exposure insight with meaningful data. Leverage CyRisk technology to weigh all your cyber risk insurance decisions.

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Know Where To Draw The Line With Cyber Insurance Coverage.

Organizations will increasingly call for cyber risk insurance, but you have to determine who qualifies — and who doesn’t.

Today’s cluttered digital ecosystem makes sifting through potential risks, dangerous third-party relationships, poor security architecture and other threats more difficult. Gaining an accurate profile for a potential policyholder can be burdensome, time-consuming and potentially inaccurate.


Portfolio Risk At Your Fingertips

As cyber risks grow and digital transformation abounds, cyber insurance becomes a necessity–not a luxury–for organizations. Underwriters are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to writing policies. You should have information and meaningful data to make informed choices, not blindfolded guesses. The CyRisk platform gives you the toolset needed to:

Underwrite coverage based on relevant risk profile

Have unmatched visibility into evolving risk threats & cyber exposures

Meet revenue goals & deliver quality business

Be more efficient & competitive within the growing market

Cyber Posture Visibility Leads To Stronger Portfolios.

Unlock Better Insights & Secure More Business.


CyRisk technology is built with simplicity in mind, making it a tool that speaks to everyday insurance players — not data scientists or software engineers.


With this platform, underwriters are ready to:

  • Develop more competitive pricing
  • Assess Third Party Risk exposures
  • Reduce losses and continuously monitor cyber risk
  • Simplify & expedite policies binding process

What our clients are saying

“The CyRisk platform has quickly become an integral tool in our underwriting process.”


Senior Vice President, Cyber & Technology

"CyRisk has provided immeasurable value in our risk selection analysis."


Vice President, Cyber

“The CyRisk platform has quickly become an integral tool in our underwriting process.”


Senior Vice President, Cyber & Technology

"I've communicated to senior management that I view the CyRisk platform as critical to our underwriting process. I can’t believe we waited as long as we did to sign up!"


Managing Director, Cyber & Technology

"I've seen investors pump hundreds of millions of dollars into products that don’t do very much. CyRisk is a lot smarter and more relevant than those products."


Vice President, Head Of Cyber, E&O

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