Simplify Cyber RiskTM

CyRisk operates as an integrated data and analytics platform built to support the insurance industry and their policyholders’ most complex cyber risk challenges.

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The Right Technology.
The Right People.
The Right Outcomes.

CyRisk’s data and analytics platform provides an agile and comprehensive environment to assess cybersecurity risk exposures as they relate to insurance coverage. With the platform built for insurers, reinsurers, brokers and risk managers you can now proactively evaluate critical risk exposures and make more informed insurance decisions.


Simplifying How
Cyber Insurance Works

The Right Technology. The Right People. The Right Outcomes.


CyRisk helps insurers achieve improved results

CyRisk insights enable insurers to assess, benchmark and continuously monitor the cyber risk of their clients and portfolios with cyber telemetry data, threat intelligence and  data analytics

  • Make Informed underwriting and profitable risk decisions
  • Limit and reduce portfolio exposures
  • Minimize cyber loss ratios
  • Utilize enhanced analytics & data points

“I have more confidence in CyRisk as an underwriting tool than any other tool that I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot of tools.”


Senior Vice President, Cyber Product Line Manager


Simplify Cyber Risk
With The CyRisk Solutions

  • CyRisk Insight Engine

    Fast. Simple. Accurate
    On-demand security risk assessments, analysis, and reports for insurers and brokers. Discover the most important gaps and critical vulnerabilities existing within an organization before insurance policy placement.

  • CyRisk Director

    Empower Proactive Risk Management
    Gain full visibility and insight into potential attack surface weaknesses, internal assets, and compliance shortcomings.

  • CyRisk RED

    Proactively Identify Exposure to Ransomware
    Portfolio monitoring at its best. Through ransomware exposure detector technology, Insurers worry less about potential at-risk clients being compromised.

  • CyRisk ZED

    A Step Ahead of Threat Actors
    Deploy a rapid response team that halts potential losses and data exposure before cybercriminals can capitalize. With a Zero-day exposure detector, you’ll identify critical exposures as soon as they are discovered.

  • CyRisk vCISO

    Bridge the Risk Gaps with vCISO
    Virtual CISO (vCISO) services help executives, security and IT teams design, implement and maintain sustainable security and compliance programs that protect your organization’s information assets while supporting overall business operations.



Reduce Cyber Risk Complexity with CyRisk


Cyber Data and Analytics that deliver value

  • Informed underwriting and improved risk selection
  • Risk exposure insight at individual risk and portfolio level
  • Enhance risk mitigation and loss control


Meaningful Insights to Help Reduce Confusion

  • Discover client exposures & risks prior to coverage discussions
  • Reduce time wasted in carrier back-and-forth during the insurance placement process
  • Deliver better coverage options for changing threat landscape


Identify and Prioritize Cyber Risk

  • Continuously monitor organizational security posture
  • Manage third-party relationships & risk
  • Automate regulatory and contractual compliance

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