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CyRisk has been purpose-built to put enterprise-grade cybersecurity protections within the reach of every organization—without enterprise-scale cost or complexity. CyRisk provides deep insight for insurers, risk management for insureds, and loss control for both.

CyRisk InsightEngine TM




The days of 4 question cyber insurance applications are over. 

As loss ratios climb, the current cyber threat environment requires underwriters to possess an accurate picture of the exposure each prospective insured represents. Even with in-depth cyber applications, relying exclusively on the information provided by the insured is not enough. The threat environment changes rapidly, and cyber risk aggregation is a threat to every insurance portfolio.

That is why CyRisk InsightEngine is more important than ever. CyRisk puts comprehensive cyber risk analytics in the hands of underwriters with just a few keystrokes.

Efficiently gain critical, accurate insight into your insured’s true cyber exposure and access current data that has been tailored to meet insurance underwriters' needs.

Quickly access reports on millions of companies around the world.

Up-to-date exposure information on millions of companies around the world

Risk selection guidance enables apples-to-apples comparisons among a variety of classes and categories.

Rapid report generation that meets the needs of your different audiences, including

  • Brokers
  • Risk Managers
  • C-Suite Executives
  • IT Professionals
  • Security Professionals

API Integration with your systems is also available for increased workflow optimization.

Customizable security assessment tools for larger accounts

Supply chain and third-party security risk analytics

Regular access to highly skilled security experts and risk managers experienced in working with insurance process.

Select from a variety of Customer Success and Support plans to meet your needs.

Risk Management and Loss Control Platform

As loss ratios climb, risk management platforms and loss control services have become a critical component of cyber insurance offerings. But cost and efficiency are still paramount.

As new zero-day vulnerabilities come to light, CyRisk Director scans the portfolio for exposures and generates alerts with detailed recommendations.

CyRisk Director™ automatically creates, prioritizes, and tracks recommendations to validate customer follow-through and reduce losses.

Clients access their dedicated accounts inside your branded portal to see real time information and account updates.

Enable clients to conduct self-assessments and to assess their own vendors and supply chain.

Generate, send and track online assessments for insureds, their vendors and supply chain.

CyRisk Director™ provides Loss Control Managers with optional automated or manual risk scoring and can generate rec letters to underwriters at the click of a button.

Saves time and money with enhanced loss control efficiencies and by reducing losses.


As the cyber insurance market hardens with rates going up and limits going down, the insurance broker's job has gotten harder too.

Customer Engagement

CyRisk InsightEngine provides brokers with tools to educate clients and prospects about cyber risk and how specific coverage against common causes of loss relate directly to them.

Clients and prospects can access their own dedicated accounts inside your branded broker portal to see real-time information and account updates.

CyRisk Director’s Risk Management and Loss Control options provide insureds with additional evidence of the value of your relationship.


Product Advisory

Brokers can generate fast, accurate reports that clearly demonstrate to your prospective insureds how their unique cyber risks stack up against the specific areas of cyber coverage.

Comparisons against similar companies by various categories grounds conversations about coverage requirements, limits, budgets and risk appetite in objective analysis and facts.


Lead Generation and Conversion

The CyRisk InsightEngine Branded Broker Portal is the perfect tool to generate leads, open doors and allow you to guide conversations.

CyRisk Reports have proven to be an extremely effective cyber insurance marketing tool. With just a few keystrokes, it's easy and cost-effective to generate reports with your own branding customized for each prospect.

Campaigns bring prospects to your branded broker portal. The CyRisk InsightEngine provides valuable insights and tools that strengthen relationships and help convert prospects into clients.


CyRisk InsightEngine helps you understand and track the technologies with high centrality measures in your networks. This is critical to identifying systemic risk.

Risk Aggregation Monitoring

Some analysts believe that at the end of the day, all of cyber really only falls into one bucket. We believe more can be seen than just one bucket, and with the right visibility, some cyber risk aggregation avoidance is possible. Perhaps a good hard look at what’s in the portfolio and understanding what’s working and what’s not is a good place to start. CyRisk InsightEngine can provide real, current data to help determine the level of aggregation among risks and types of losses. Establish thresholds and keep track of aggregation risk to maintain them as the portfolio changes.


Systemic Risk Identification

Enterprise systems have become increasing interconnected, so a shock in a single piece of technical infrastructure, a network or an embedded component can provoke significant cascading failures throughout the system. Understanding and tracking which technologies act as hubs that have high centrality measures in the network is critical to identifying systemic risk. CyRisk InsightEngine can help you understand how such “hubs” can impact your portfolio and track that risk.


Portfolio Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting

Digging into the portfolio with CyRisk InsightEngine enables reinsurance organizations to identify, analyze and monitor cyber exposures across the portfolio. This can involve aligning areas of exposure with different coverages on a client-by-client basis.


CyRisk Director TM

You can’t protect it if you don’t know it’s out there ...

Many organizations are surprised when we show them the reach of their digital ecosystem and how many of their digital assets are exposed to the internet. CyRisk Director allows organizations to discover your hidden assets and audit your attack surface so you can protect it before hackers exploit it.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Security Monitoring

Most organizations today are constantly in motion, upgrading legacy systems, building new digital infrastructure, and making new connections. In addition, new vulnerabilities, threats and attack patterns are discovered continuously. Continuous Security Monitoring is no longer optional if you want to stay ahead of the attackers. Monitor your security, watch the trends and get automated alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Internal Security

Internal Security & Compliance Assessment

CyRisk Director streamlines the internal security and compliance assessment process, so organizations can conduct internal assessments, establish benchmarks and goals as well as compare yourself to your peers.

Generate, track and report to the board on security metrics drawn from internal assessments, supply chain risk and customer compliance combined with real-time attack surface analysis.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Risk Management

Trusted vendors have been used by attackers as steppingstones to pull off many of the cyber attacks in history. Managing your supply chain risk now extends not only to the security of your vendors, but also their ability to meet your customers’ requirements.

Customer Compliance

Customer Compliance Management

CyRisk helps you manage your supply chain from one end to the other. Because from your customers’ perspective, even if you’re relying on trusted vendors, the buck stops with you.

Customer Use Cases

Customer Success

Customer Success

Our Customer Success Team (CST) helps ensure you gain as much value from CyRisk as quickly as possible.

Our CST is made up of professionals with deep experience in security and risk management, and we take our role as your trusted partner very seriously. We are:

  • Dedicated to improving your organization’s cyber risk posture, and that holds true for your clients’, vendors’ and deep into the supply chain as well.
  • Engaged from the start of onboarding and continues to support you through operationalization, with a consultative, educational approach, so your team also gains knowledge and expertise with each interaction.
  • Available to join in on calls with clients, vendors, brokers and other business partners to assist with technical questions, mitigation suggestions, or just to help explain relevant security issues when needed.

Our Customer Success Team is there for you when you need them to help you achieve your key priorities and objectives.

Our Customer Success Team can also assist you with using the keys to unlock successful vendor risk management and customer compliance by maintaining the mutually beneficial customer/vendor relationship consistently through the vendor risk management process.

Professional Services

CyRisk Professional Services

With Professional Services, our team partners with your team to provide strategic guidance.

As your business evolves, your needs change. CyRisk Professional Services can help you maximize the effectiveness of the platform, so your workflow is as seamless as possible, no matter how you change or grow.

If your company is looking to streamline or transform your operations, we will partner with you on a comprehensive strategy to deploy a scalable solution.

Leverage our API to automate where possible. Build web services to integrate effectively at scale.

Learning Center

CyRisk Learning Center

Access the training and content to help you tap into the full potential CyRisk has to offer your organization.

Keep your team up to date with the rapid changes in the cybersecurity environment. Learn about the latest threats and how they apply to your current and prospective customers.

Get to know your unique cyber profile with live training sessions customized for your organization.

The CyRisk Learning Center provides a wealth of information to elevate the level of your team’s understanding of cybersecurity from the fundamentals to advanced topics.

Learn about real-world case studies involving cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents.

About CyRisk

Every enterprise today must think about cyber risk. But not every enterprise has the skills and resources to make informed cyber risk management decisions, or to take the most important actions to protect their organization. The CyRisk suite of products puts powerful cyber risk analysis tools and enterprise-grade cybersecurity protections in the hands of organizations of all sizes, but without big enterprise-scale cost or complexity. And CyRisk is designed to be used by the same resources you have today.

CyRisk InsightEngine is designed to enable underwriters, analysts and portfolio managers to quickly assess and monitor the cyber risk of their current and prospective clients, investments and M&A targets. InsightEngine incorporates current data from multiple sources into its analysis, including internal controls and external attack surface analysis, as well as supply chain analysis, threat intelligence, attack scenario analysis, peer data analysis and historical security incident data. The result is a robust picture of an organization’s cyber security risk, along with prioritized recommendations to help reduce that risk to an acceptable level.

CyRisk Director delivers holistic cybersecurity protection of your organization, extending from your customers, through your organization and down through your supply chain. Identifying vulnerabilities in your attack surface is no longer sufficient since your supply chain is as important an attack vector to secure as your own workforce. And CyRisk Director makes it easy to provide security assurance up the chain to your customers, since you are part of your customers’ supply chain as well.

CyRisk Director is the market leader in assuring end-to-end security and compliance alignment. CyRisk Director delivers security protection for your organization and your supply chain, as well as security assurance for your customers. In today’s cyber risk averse world, that translates directly into more opportunities, and more revenue to your bottom line.

CyRisk Advantages

Our Story

A little more than a decade ago, CyRisk’s founder, Ben Goodman, came to the realization that cyber losses were going to keep getting worse and worse, and technology alone wouldn’t solve the problem. He understood that effectively controlling cyber risk was going to be beyond the reach of many small and midsized companies for a long time to come. These enterprises make up the heart of working America, and with four children, Ben cares deeply about securing the future of our technical infrastructure that the coming generations will inherit.

Ben has worked with organizations of all sizes for decades, and he understood that even if we can’t change the dangerous cyber environment we live in, we can control how these conditions impact our organizations. At that time, cyber insurance was starting to take off, and he realized that it offered these companies critical financial protections in the form of risk transfer that would make a huge difference for many companies if they got hit with a serious cyber-attack. But Ben’s vision involved a mutually beneficial partnership between cyber insurers and their insureds. Nobody wants a cyber incident, so when risk transfer is combined with appropriate cyber risk mitigation, both parties’ benefit. And even though cyber risk involves complex technical challenges, both insurers and insureds need non-technical information — data combined with intelligence and tools — to efficiently identify and prioritize exposures so they can make good risk management decisions that cost-effectively mitigate, reduce and transfer cyber risks.


At CyRisk, we are building a dynamic team where all team members can find their true potential, purpose, and passion. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all and we are striving to build an inclusive team that reflects the diverse world we live in with people of any background, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity.

CyRisk provides cyber risk data analytics and loss control software for organizations of all sizes, making it easy for our customers to identify their cyber risks, prioritize mitigation and make insight-driven risk management decisions that reduce their cyber risk.

CyRisk has been used to analyze hundreds of thousands of enterprises and provide superior cyber risk insight and protection. Our products are ready to go, easy to use, and offer a nearly instant time-to-value onboarding process.

CyRisk has received high marks from our customers and employees.  Headquartered in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, CyRisk has a dedicated team operating from locations around the United States to serve our customers and grow our impact around the world.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, send your resume to:


CyRisk offers groundbreaking products that provide value to clients and drive revenue for our partners. Our products make it easy for you to deliver the cybersecurity and risk management capabilities your customers need while helping you maintain your position as as a thought leader and trusted partner.

The CyRisk Partner Program helps you generate leads and enables you to build and grow a steady stream of recurring revenue.

If you would like to get involved with our program, send an email to

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