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Mitigation Instructions for CVE-2024-23222

Mitigation Instructions for CVE-2024-23222

SUBJECT: Apple Multiple Products Type Confusion Vulnerability (CVE-2024-23222)

TECH STACK: Various Apple products (specific devices and software versions to be confirmed upon analysis completion)

DATE(S) ISSUED: 01/22/2024

NVD Last Modified: 01/26/2024



A type confusion vulnerability exists in various Apple products, potentially allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code. Apple is aware of a report that this vulnerability may have been exploited.


  1. Monitor the NVD entry for updates: Check back regularly for the completed vulnerability summary, which will include the CVSS score, specific affected products and versions, and official mitigation instructions from Apple.
  2. Apply general security practices: Maintain updated software on all devices, exercise caution when clicking on links or opening attachments, and implement security measures like strong passwords and firewalls.
  3. Follow Apple security updates: Stay informed about security updates released by Apple and apply them promptly as they become available.


Third-Party Advisories:

  1. VD Entry
  2. Apple Security Updates

Confirmation & Additional Information:

    1. The NVD entry for CVE-2024-23222 is currently under analysis and more information will be available soon.
    2. The full extent of the vulnerability and its impact are still unknown until the analysis is complete.
    3. Do not wait for the complete analysis to implement general security practices and stay informed about updates from Apple.