Colorado: Neural data is sensitive data H.B. 24-1058 sec 1(4)(b).

Colorado: Neural data is sensitive data H.B. 24-1058 sec 1(4)(b).


The Colorado General Assembly has passed House Bill 24-1058, which now awaits signature by Colorado Governor Jared Polis. The bill would amend the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) to expand the definition of "sensitive data" to include:

"'Neural data', which is information that is generated by the measurement of the activity of an individual's central or peripheral nervous systems and that can be processed by or with the assistance of a device."

H.B. 24-1058 sec 1(4)(b).

In other words, your brainwaves belong to you. Who would ever have expected the Centennial State to be on bleeding-edge of our cyberpunk future?

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House Bill 24-1058