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Mitigation Instructions for CVE-2022-37454

Mitigation Instructions for CVE-2022-37454

CVE-2022-37454 Remediation Instructions


CVE-2022-37454 identifies a vulnerability within the Keccak XKCP SHA-3 reference implementation prior to the fdc6fef update. This flaw is attributed to an integer overflow leading to a buffer overflow, which can potentially allow attackers to execute arbitrary code or compromise cryptographic properties through the sponge function interface.


The exploitation of this vulnerability allows for arbitrary code execution or the undermining of cryptographic assurances, posing a significant risk to affected systems.


While specific CVSS scores are not directly cited in the provided sources, the nature of the vulnerability suggests a high severity due to the potential for arbitrary code execution and impact on cryptographic functions.

Affected Versions

The vulnerability specifically impacts versions of the Keccak XKCP SHA-3 reference implementation before the commit fdc6fef. Additionally, it affects several versions of software that incorporate this implementation, including but not limited to certain versions of Python, PHP, and software packages relying on the SHA-3 cryptographic function.

Remediation Steps

  1. Update Affected Software: Ensure that any software utilizing the Keccak XKCP SHA-3 reference implementation is updated to a version after the fdc6fef commit. For Python, PHP, and other affected platforms, apply the latest security patches that address this CVE.

  2. Review Security Advisories: Refer to specific advisories from your software vendors or the relevant open-source projects for detailed patching instructions. Some useful references include advisories from Debian, Fedora, and Gentoo, as well as direct patches available on GitHub.

  3. Monitor and Audit: After applying the necessary updates, monitor systems for unusual activity and conduct thorough audits to ensure that the vulnerability has been fully mitigated.

  4. Security Best Practices: Implement regular security reviews and updates as part of your operational routines to protect against vulnerabilities. Engage with community resources and security bulletins to stay informed about potential risks and mitigations.


Ensure to check these and any other specific advisories related to the environments and software you use to obtain the most accurate and detailed remediation guidance.

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