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Mitigation Instructions for Adobe ColdFusion CVE-2023-29300

Mitigation Instructions for Adobe ColdFusion CVE-2023-29300

SUBJECT:  CVE-2023-29300: Adobe ColdFusion Deserialization of Untrusted Data Vulnerability - Detailed Mitigation Guide


  • Adobe ColdFusion versions 2018u16 (and earlier)
  • Adobe ColdFusion versions 2021u6 (and earlier)
  • Adobe ColdFusion versions 2023.0.0.330468 (and earlier)

DATE(S) ISSUED: 07/12/2023

NVD Last Modified: 01/08/2024



This vulnerability template details the mitigation strategies for CVE-2023-29300, a critical vulnerability affecting Adobe ColdFusion versions 2018u16 (and earlier), 2021u6 (and earlier), and 2023.0.0.330468 (and earlier). This vulnerability allows attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on vulnerable ColdFusion servers, potentially leading to complete system compromise.


Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow attackers to:

  • Execute arbitrary code on the vulnerable server with full system privileges.
  • Install malware.
  • Steal sensitive data.
  • Disrupt server operations.
  • Launch further attacks on the network.

Here are the recommended mitigation strategies:

  1. Apply the security patch:
  • The most critical mitigation strategy is to apply the security patch released by Adobe as soon as possible. You can find the patch and download instructions on the Adobe Security website
  1. Implement additional security measures:
  • Disable unnecessary ColdFusion features: Disable any ColdFusion features that are not actively used to reduce the attack surface.
  • Restrict access to the ColdFusion administration interface: Implement access controls to restrict access to the ColdFusion administration interface only to authorized users.
  • Monitor for suspicious activity: Regularly monitor your ColdFusion server for signs of suspicious activity, such as unauthorized access attempts or unusual system behavior.
  • Consider alternative solutions: If feasible, consider migrating to a more secure alternative platform that is less susceptible to deserialization vulnerabilities.

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Applying the recommended mitigation strategies, especially installing the security patch promptly, is crucial to protect your Adobe ColdFusion server from exploitation of CVE-2023-29300. Remember to prioritize patching critical vulnerabilities and implement additional security controls to enhance your overall security posture.

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