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Mitigation Instructions for CVE-2023- 38203

Mitigation Instructions for CVE-2023- 38203

SUBJECT:  Mitigating CVE-2023-38203: ColdFusion Deserialization of Untrusted Data Vulnerability

TECH STACK: Adobe ColdFusion

DATE(S) ISSUED: 07/20/2023

NVD Last Modified: 01/08/2024



This document outlines the steps to mitigate the vulnerability (CVE-2023-38203) in Adobe ColdFusion versions 2018u17 (and earlier), 2021u7 (and earlier), and 2023u1 (and earlier). This vulnerability allows attackers to potentially execute arbitrary code on affected systems due to improper handling of untrusted data during deserialization.


  • Upgrade ColdFusion: The recommended and most effective mitigation is to upgrade your ColdFusion installation to a version that includes the fix for this vulnerability. You can find the latest version and download instructions on the Adobe website
  • Disable ColdFusion if not in use: If upgrading is not possible and ColdFusion is not essential for your operations, consider disabling it to minimize the attack surface.

Additional mitigation steps (if upgrading is not immediate):

  • Implement network segmentation: Segment your network to limit the potential impact of a successful attack.
  • Restrict access to ColdFusion: Limit access to the ColdFusion administration interface and server only to authorized users.
  • Monitor logs: Monitor system and application logs for any suspicious activity, particularly involving ColdFusion processes.

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